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How to Create and Send a Change Notification

Learn how you can distribute any type of project change to your Subcontractors so they can download the documents and respond with cost impacts through Extracker.

To create a new Change Notification and distribute to your Subcontractors follow these steps:

  • Click on the Add New button at the top of your screen and choose "Create a Change Notification".
Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 11.44.59 AM


  • This will bring you to the Change Notification Page.

  • Select the project the Change Notification is for.
  • Enter a title and description of the change and will show up in the email that goes to the Subcontractors and be shown on the Log.
  • Select a Due Date. This is the deadline you are giving the Subcontractors to respond.
  • Add a Customer Reference Number. This is the number you are giving your Subcontractors to track the costs. This is often referred to as a PCO, PCI, CE, etc. number.
  • Include an email message to the Subcontractors that will show up in the body of the email that gets sent out.
  • Select your subcontractors by clicking in the drop-down and selecting which companies will be impacted by this change. If it is a global change affecting all Subcontractors you can "Select All".
  • Drag and drop the files you want to send to your Subcontractors. There is no file size limit on this feature giving you the ability to attach drawing packages here.
  • Once the form is complete, either send it to your Subcontractors or Save it as a draft to be sent later.


Once the Change Notification is sent your Subcontractors will receive the below email with a link to view the files you sent and a link to respond to the Change Notification in Extracker.


Once you have sent the Change Notification you can track the status back in the log.

  • In the Contractors Responded column you can quickly see how many Subcontractors were sent the Change Notification and how many have actually responded with a COR or No Cost Impact.

  • You can also view the details by clicking the view icon in the Action column.

  • In this view you can see which Subcontractors were sent the change, which have responded, when they responded and whether or not there was a cost impact.
  • If they respond with a COR you will also see the COR added to the COR log.
  • If they respond with "No Cost Impact" you will see the response here, but no COR will be added to the log. 

To learn how Subcontractors can respond to a Change Notification, check out this article here: How to respond to a Change Notification.