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How to invite your customer to a project in Extracker

In Extracker you can invite your customers to your projects.

When you invite your Customer it gives them the option to create a FREE Extracker account and log in to view and comment on your CORs and T&M Tags for the project you invite them to join. This invite also creates the distribution list for all T&M Tags and CORs. 

Please Note: If your customer does not accept the invite (which will happen!) they will still be able to view all the CORs, T&M Tags and shareable link you send to them. 


To invite them to the project follow these quick steps:

  • Navigate to Projects > Select Project > Invite My Customer.
  • Where it says "Email", copy and paste or type in your customer's email. Click on "Add to Project" and an email will be sent to your customer with a link to join the project and quickly sign up for a free Extracker account.
  • You can also choose permissions for each customer email you invite:
    • The COR Log and T&M Log options decide whether that customer can view the documents and logs associated with that Project.  It also removes them from being added to the distribution list by default
    • The COR EmailsT&M Emails, and T&M Tag Signer options decide whether that customer will automatically be populated on the email distribution list for CORs, T&M, or when requesting a digital signature


Here is the email invite they will receive:


Even if they don't select "Join the Project" to accept the invitation, you will still be able to send them all the CORs, T&M Tags and the COR link.


When you send them their first Tag, here is the email they will receive:




From there they will be able to click "Review & Sign" and be taken to the signature screen with the following options:


Mobile app:






After they've signed the Tag they will then get the following confirmation email:



As always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to email us at support@extracker.com or use the chat on the website.