Procore Integration Overview

In this article, we will walk you through how to connect Extracker with Procore and how to push CORs to Change Events.

Getting Started:

  1. How to enable the integration and authenticate your Procore account
  2. How to map your Procore project to a project in Extracker
  3. How to push a COR from the Extracker COR log into a Procore Change Event
  4. Editing a COR and updating Procore Change Event
  5. Filtering COR Log by Procore Change Events
  6. Extracker Change Notification push to Procore


How to Enable the Integration and Authenticate your Procore Account

You will need to be logged in as an Account Owner or Admin role to make these changes.

1. On the left navigation pane, select Settings

2. Select Offices, then select the office you would like to integrate with Procore

3. Towards the top of the pages, select Office Integrations

4. Enable the Procore Integration

5. Select the Procore Account you would like to connect to your Extracker Office

Company Settings - Extracker (4)

How to Map your Procore Project to your Extracker Project

1. Select the Extracker Project you would like to connect to your Procore Project

2. Under Advanced Settings, select Procore

3. Select Edit. This will bring a pop up asking you to login with your Procore credentials.

4. Select your project from the drop down and Save

Edit Project - Extracker (3)

How to Push a COR from Extracker to Procore

1. Select one or multiple CORs you would like to push to a Procore Change Event, then select +PROCORE

COR Log (sent) - Extracker (2)

2. Select the Procore Change Event or Create a New Change Event, select Next

change event

3. Chose if you'd like the line items broken down or a lump sum. Select your Budget Codes and Contract

Procore breakdown

When changes are made to the COR in Extracker, an alert on the COR Log will appear, letting you know you should push the update to the Change Event in Procore

COR-Log-sent-Extracker red

To update the Procore Change Event, Follow previous steps 1 - 3. This will show the previous and new totals.

COR-Log-sent-Extracker updated total

Filtering COR Log by Procore Change Events

When filtering the COR Log, you have the ability to filter by Procore Change Event statuses in the Change Event drop down. 

CE filering

Pushing Change Notifications to Procore as a Customer

As a customer you can push the COR your contractor submitted in response to your Change Notification.

1. Select the eye to view the change notification response

Change-Notifications-sent-Extracker select eye

2. Select the COR then +PROCORE

Extracker (7) select cor

3. Select the Procore Change Event or create a new Change Event

Extracker (7) select change event

4. Select your Budget Code and Contract, then Push to Procore

Extracker (7) codes