Procore Integration Overview

In this article, we will walk you through how to connect your Procore account to Extracker, map Procore projects with Extracker projects, and how to push Extracker Sent or Received CORs into Change Events in Procore.

Extracker's integration with Procore is simple but powerful. With this integration, you can forever eliminate manual data entry when it comes to adding costs to Change Events.

But the most powerful part of this integration is reducing your risk when it comes to collecting and forecasting project Change Order Requests. By pushing Extracker sent or received CORs into Procore you can tell exactly what CORs are included in your Procore financials and which ones have not yet been forecasted. This insight can instantly tell you whether or not your project financial forecast done in Procore actually contains all of the Change Orders you have either sent or received.

Getting Started:

  1. How to enable the integration and authenticate your Procore account
  2. How to map your Procore project to a project in Extracker
  3. How to push a COR from the Extracker COR log into a Procore Change Event


How to enable the integration and authenticate your Procore account.

To enable the integration you will first need to log in as the Account Owner or Admin user role in Extracker. Navigate to "Settings" -> "Offices" -> "Select Office" -> "Office Integrations". Once there you will see the Procore integration. Click on Enable and it will ask you to log in with your Procore credentials. Once this is done, the Procore integration will be enable for that office in Extracker!

How to enable the Extracker & Procore Integration

How to map your Procore project to a project in Extracker.

To sync your Procore projects with your Extracker project you will first want to be logged in as a Account Owner, Admin or Project Manager role. Navigate to the Projects -> Select Project -> Advanved Settings -> Procore. Once you are on this page you will see an edit button which will enable a drop-down list to view all of your Procore projects. Simply select the project you want to map and click save. That's it!


Map Procore Projects to Extracker Projects

How to push a COR from the Extracker COR log into a Procore Change Event.

Once the integration is enabled, you can now push Change Order Requests you have created in Extracker or received in Extracker directly into Procore Change Events.

  • To do this you simply check off one or multiple CORs in the Extracker COR log and click "Push to Procore" at the top.
  • This will open a modal to select which Change Event you would like to push the Extracker CORs into in Procore OR give you the option to create a new Procore Change Event
  • Once the CE is selected, you will see a list of all the Extracker COR line items you will be pushing.
  • From here you can select the cost code and contract you want the CORs to be related to. Keep in mind this is an optional step and can always be adjusted in Procore. 
  • Finally, click Push to Procore and you will see a success confirmation pop up. Once the CORs have been pushed to Procore you will see a hyper lin appear in the Extracker Procore CE column in your log. This hyperlink will launch you into the Procore Change Event in Procore. 
  • From here, if you click Filter at the top, you can filter for all CORs that have either been assigned or not assigned to Procore to see which CORs have not yet been forecasted.