Sage 100 Integration

Extracker now offers an integration with Sage 100!

To set up the Sage 100 and Extracker Integration - Please contact Extracker Support at

After initial set up is complete - Below are the two ways to set up Sage 100 jobs and Extracker projects.


Project Mapping

Mapping Sage 100 Jobs with Existing Extracker Projects

If you are currently using Extracker Projects and want to link them to current Sage 100 jobs follow the steps below.

  • Select your project in Extracker 
  • Under Advanced Settings select Sage 100
  • Select Edit then select the Sage 100 job you would like to map this project to

map_sage100 (1)-1


Creating a Job in Sage 100 before creating an Extracker Project 

If you are creating a new Sage 100 job and there is not an Extracker Project follow the steps below. 

When you create the job in Sage 100, it will automatically create a project within Extracker.

  • Create the job in Sage
  • Select the Projects tab then Imported Projects

imported projects

  • Accept (or Reject) the project in Extracker. 

Accepting the imported project will automatically create the Extracker project and map to the Sage 100 job


Syncing COR's from Extracker to Sage 100

  • Select to COR's from the Change Order Log you would like to import into Sage 100
  • Then select + Add to Sage 100

1-select CORs (1)

Select the Change Order it is related to in Sage 100 or Create a Change Order in Sage 100


To Select a COR from Sage 100:

  • Select the COR from Sage 100 then select Next

2.1-CO selected (1)

To Create a New Change Order in Sage 100:

  • Select Create Change Order

2-select Sage 100 CO (1)

  • Complete necessary information to create Change Order in Sage 100

create co in extracker (1)
  • After Selecting the Change Order from Sage 100 or creating a Change Order in sage 100 - Select the Sage 100 Cost Codes

3-assign codes (1)

  • Select the Sage 100 Cost Type

3.1-code dropdown (2)

  • Complete the Budget and Sub Change Details for Sage 100
    • Sage 100 Cost Code
    • Sage 100 Cost Type
    • Sage 100 Multiplier

4-assign codes for breakdown (1)

Select the Sage 100 Cost Code first to generate Sage 100 Cost Type options

  • Select Push To Sage 100

Updates into Sage 100 from Extracker sync every 5 minutes.

Updates from Sage 100 to Extracker sync every 30 minutes.

It can take anywhere between 5 - 30 minutes for all information in Extracker and Sage 100 to be updated.