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Create a copy of an existing T&M Tag

If you are doing a repetitive or similar scope of work and creating a new T&M Tag each day, you will want to use our create a copy feature. Here is how it works.

File from iOS
  • First download and log in to the Extracker mobile app. 
  • Go to the Sent T&M Log where it lists all of the Tags you have created. 
  • Find the one you want to create a copy of and swipe left to reveal the "Copy" button.
  • Click "Copy" and instantly a digital copy of that T&M Tag will be created. 
    • We note the word copy in the title so you can clearly tell it apart from the original, so make you edit the title.
  • Once the copy is created, simply update the details and send off a signature request
  • No more data entry!